AngularDart Tools

For information about general tools for Dart apps, including general web tools, see Dart Tools.

Recommended IDE

If you don’t already have a favorite IDE, we recommend WebStorm, which comes with Dart support.

WebStorm icon

See Dart Tools for a list of other IDEs.


Although DartPad is a great way to experiment with Dart code, once you’re ready to develop a web app, you need to install the Dart SDK.

Command-line tools

In addition to the other Dart tools included in the SDK, the following tools offer specialized support for web programming.

A command line interface (CLI) for Dart web app development, including building and serving web apps.
stagehand usable, but soon to be deprecated
A command line tool to create a new AngularDart project, similar to dart create or flutter create. It’s recommended to use stagehand web-angular to generate a new AngularDart project to work on.
The original Dart-to-JavaScript compiler, with tree shaking. IDEs and the webdev CLI use dart2js when building web apps for deployment.
The Dart dev compiler, a modular Dart-to-JavaScript compiler. IDEs and the webdev CLI use dartdevc when running a development server.
A build package that’s used by the webdev CLI. You can use it directly for testing or if you need more configurability than webdev provides.